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Secular Headwinds Argue For Dynamic Exposure

Static asset asset allocation approaches ill-equipped for new environment


Market Insights

Most Stocks Are Moving Higher

When the long-term trend in the Value Line Geometric Index is rising, it doesn’t make sense to claim that just a handful of stocks are supporting the indexes.

Stocks Flourish After Persistent Pessimism

Weight of the Evidence tilts toward Opportunity

S&P 500 Struggling With Resistance But Bull Behavior Perists

Key Takeaway: The S&P 500 has been churning over the past few weeks and the 6th longest stretch in history without a new all-time remains intact. But based on our checklist, we are still seeing bull market behavior. The S&P 500 has been unable to get through resistance (i.e. the Jan 2021 all-time high) and […]

Giving Back or Getting Going

Breakdowns beneath the surface suggest index-level strength is built on a cracked foundation

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Amid near-term noise, taking a step back provides perspective

Portfolio Applications