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Not everything that is important can be tested and not everything that can be tested is important. Hi Mount Research recognizes that decision making under uncertainty is about managing risk. We follow the weight of the evidence rather than being swept away by the narrative.


Markets go up and markets go down. Hi Mount Research doesn’t have an internal company line to toe or a vested interest in any specific outcome. That gives us the freedom to be completely honest as we assess opportunities and risks across asset classes.


The world is so awash in information that what is shared is not even being seen.
We can always provide more detail but first we need to get to the point. Brevity & clarity are communication hallmarks of Hi Mount Research.

“To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom.”
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We help translate observations into market insights and market insights into portfolio applications.

In this information-saturated world, observations are cheap, meaningful insights are uncommon, disciplined application is rare.

To be useful, market insights need to be understandable.

To be beneficial, portfolio applications need to be doable.

About Willie Delwiche


Willie brings nearly a quarter century of first-hand experience and perspective to his discussion of opportunities and risks in the financial markets.

  • He spent more than two decades at Baird, a Milwaukee-based financial services firm. Willie left Baird as a Managing Director, and in his role as Investment Strategist and member of the Investment Policy Committee he provided guidance and perspective to the firm’s 1300 financial advisors. During this time, he helped launch and run a suite of tactical ETF portfolios, managing $400 million in client assets.
  • Prior to launching Hi Mount Research, he was a member of the All Star Charts team, running the ASC+ service that provided independent advisors, RIA’s and others with institutional-level insight and dynamic portfolio guidance.
  • Willie has Economics degrees from the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He approaches the market from both a technical (as a Chartered Market Technician) and fundamental (as a CFA Charterholder) perspective. He finds that the best solutions blend the two and layer in an awareness of investor behavior.

Commentary from Willie on the economy and financial markets has been featured in national, regional and trade media such as The New York Times, BARRON’S and the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on Fox Business, the Nightly Business Report, and the MoneyLife show.

When he isn’t staring at his computer screen, you will most likely find him tending the garden, baking bread, or reading a book.


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