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The Absence of Weakness Fuels Complacency: S&P 500 Streaks of Weakness | Schwab Network

I checked in with Oliver Renick on Schwab Network ahead of the July 4th holiday. We chatted about the Fed’s progress in fighting inflation, investor positioning and some context around extended periods of quiet complacency. You can also download the charts.

Bullish Behavior in the Markets | Morning Trade Live| Schwab Network

The long-term trend in bond yields is shifting, but for now stock market behavior remains bullish.

The Morning Show On Stock Market TV

Bond yields are breaking higher but earnings revisions have rolled over

Mastering the Art of Investing

Dissecting the maze that is the current market environment with Michael Gayed

The Lifeblood of a Bull Market

Discussing the recent rise in investor optimism with Reuters

The Morning Show on Stock Market TV

I checked in with former All Star Charts colleagues this morning and discussed breadth, bull market behavior, and a brats > hot dogs pair trade. We didn’t get to most of the charts that I sent over, but they are available here.

TD Ameritrade Network: Bull Market Behavior?

  I had a chance to check in with Oliver Renick this morning to discuss the breadth of the current rally and what it would take to start thinking about this being a new bull market.